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A Night in Bathinda City

Bathinda city is situated in the Southern part of Punjab. and is one of the oldest cities in Punjab. If you are visiting Bathinda you must visit the Old fort. There are good hotels and restaurants can be found in Bathinda city.


Source: Google map
Source: Google maps


It is better if you first read and understand the History around this fort because if you have some idea you will be able to enjoy it very much.

History of bathinda fort –

Inside this massive fort there is a gurudwara. If you go in its prayer times you will receive a tasty food named laddu. They are served freely as a community service and to symbol equality among people. And you should be aware that before entering the fort everyone should cover their heads as a respect to the ld was. Before entering to the Gurudwara everyont should remove their shoes and wash your feet in the water and then should wash the hands as well.



In the night You can enjoy streets food. Street food could be found in every corner of the streets at night. There are chairs where you can buy the food and enjoy on the spot also the prices are quite reasonable but make sure that you will choose your correct taste.




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