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Woman photographing a butterfly wit a smart phone

How to take a professional photo with your smart phone.

To take a good professional photo you don’t need to buy an expensive professional camera. You can save your money and also save your precious moments and memories using your smart phone. But you need to know some tips to catch the good scene and keep it in a nice photo.

1- Light: The best time to take a photo is shortly after sunrise or before sunset. During these “golden hours,” sunlight is softer, and subjects look better.  Avoid having the sun shine toward the camera, as that leads to dark subjects.

If you can’t avoid it, some cameras have an “HDR” mode to help. Turning on the flash –  in daytime – can also help light up an otherwise dark subject.

2- Know your camera : Many camera has auto focus but they donot pick up the subject correctly. You had to tap on the intended subject on the screen.

Avoid zooming unless you have  iPhone 7 Plus or a Motorola Moto Z with True Zoom. With other smart phones you only get digital fake zoom as the image stretched not getting larger and it will look fuzzy when showing on desktop.

3- The rule of thirds: Some camera divide the screen in three lines horizontally and vertically (but it is not included in the final shoot) so keep your object where those lines intersect. For shots of people, have the eyes fall along one of those lines. For horizon or skyline, have it match one of the imaginary horizontal lines.

4-the background: The background is very important to enhance the scene and value the photo by showing what’s around.

5- The eye level:  The good thing about smartphone cameras is that you can change the perspective easily by just lowering the phone. So don’t hesitate to lay down on the ground just to take a photo as it give viewers a fresh perspective.


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