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Subtle lunar eclipse on February 10-11

Tonight – February 10, 2017 – the full moon  may looks slightly darker than a typical full moon. If you see it as it’s passing through the Earth’s faint penumbral shadow. There’s a penumbral lunar eclipse tonight, the most subtle kind of eclipse. Some people will easily notice Earth’s light penumbral shadow, inching across the moon’s face. Others will look at tonight’s full moon and swear they notice nothing unusual.

The star near the moon on eclipse night is Regulus, sometimes called the Heart of the Lion, brightest star in the constellation Leo.

As always, to see the eclipse, you have to be in the right place on Earth. The map below shows who will witness this one.

The ideal spot to watch this penumbral eclipse is from Europe, Africa, Greenland and Iceland. From there the whole eclipse can be seen, from start to finish, and it occurs at late night in a dark sky.

In Asia, the eclipse will be obscured by morning twilight on February 11 and will be in eclipse at moonset (sunrise) February 11.

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