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A vote for me is a vote for Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat

Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat says the only hurdle to victory is the BJP funding ‘vote katwas’, independents cutting the Congress’ votes. He describing himself as a chief minister of a small state devoted to ‘Uttarakhandiyat’.

BJP is supporting these independents in all the seats as a stratergy to cut the votes of congress in almost all 70 seats, Rawat told in an interview od DNA.

He mostly sees this election as PM modhi’s reputation against his work.

“He is a prime minister. I am a chief minister of a small state. There is no comparison. But he has nothing to show in Uttarakhand while I have done many things here.” he added

He was proud about his work towards Uttarakhand and the people in his time period.

“I was the first CM to focus on culture, tradition, agriculture, water, forest and land. I ask how many roads has BJP made. It’s not even 400. I have completed 1,343 roads.



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