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Air India senior pilot been allegedly violating BA test

Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association says that the Air India senior pilot has been allegedly violating pre-flight breath analyser.

Pre-flight breath analyser test is conducted on crew member before departure of a flight to measures alcohol in his/her exhaled air so as to determine the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

For operators other than the scheduled operators, each flight crew and cabin crew of all flights originating from India shall be subjected to pre-flight breathanalyzer examination. However, where infrastructure does not exist, the flight crew and cabin crew shall undergo post-flight breath-analyzer examination. In case the flight crew and cabin crew are away from base station for more than two days and operates a flight from there, the operator shall provide facility for conduct of their pre-flight breath-analyzer examination, which may include Govt./Govt. licensed private hospitals located at the airport or in the city. Such facilities shall be subjected to periodic checks by the DGCA.


Action has been taken against pilots who had genuinely forgotten to do post flight breath analyser tests. Stringent action should be taken against this person for covering up the matter.” said an ICPA member.



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