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Voice Control platforms are getting key technology trends

Nowadays the most basic form of voice technology we have seen is just routine tasks such as  playing a track, reading the mail and sending automated response to mails.

is a person directing a machine to do routine tasks such as play a track, read the mail, send automated response to mails and these things are possible thanks to Apple’s AAPL Siri, Alphabet’s GOOGL Google Now or Microsoft’s MSFT Cortana. But the most recent trend is Home automation which integrate everything and making the life easier.

Amazon AMZN that has really taken voice controlled platforms mainstream. The company launched its first Echo device a couple of years ago and sold more than seven million devices last year

The first ìs getting a computer to understand you, which requires a combination of speech recognition and natural language understanding. Which is a very difficult task to do and which also require many computer algorithms to do

Some technologies making their way into everyday life seem magical. But what is the point if they are not reliable in helping you do things.

But the technologies are now progressively comes up solutions to such problems. For an example Watching Assistant type as you talk is a good way to appreciate how far technology has advanced. Start speaking and it will probably misunderstand some words but as the sentence progresses it works out the meaning and shuffles the words to fit.


However both GOOGLE and AMAZON is competing on these technologies to make our living standards much better.


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