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Mass tourism and Indian art de vivre


We live in an age of cheap, easy and accessible travelling. The most exotic and far-away destinations could be reached in a short order. We might not realize it, but we have the biggest luxury, that the earlier generations couldn’t have – the world is in our pocket. We happily embraced this change and started to travel widely. However the increased number of travelers creates another problem. The mass tourism sweeps away the individuality of areas, limiting the number of places where  we can have a real interaction with foreign cultures .  Places with a rich cultural heritage become the victims of their own success.  Invaded by tourists, their cultural identity is literally destroyed. Adapting to the needs of mass tourism, the cities all around the globe are now packed with shops with recognizable brands, restaurant chains and advertisements of ‘untypical’ tourist attractions, that you can find virtually everywhere.  We could blame globalization or not, but  this process is irreversible.  Trying to respond to the needs of international visitors, the local business  tries to offer to tourists the products and services they are used to in their home countries, but loses at the same time the best part of its unique style and individuality.  The only chance to experience  the local culture are museums, festivals but even them are rather magnets for tourist attraction than native culture  expression.  So we are arriving at a phase when tourists “do” places and rarely get a chance to “feel” their vibes and atmosphere. So trying to avoid standardization, travelers are in a desperate search for authenticity and the real culture interaction.

However there is a good news for India, as it  remains the preferred destination for those who search to avoid ordinary tourism activities. Fortunately for visitors from abroad, they can truly indulge in travel adventures in this country.  India has many things to offer to its visitors: spectacular temples, flea markets and sumptuous cuisine, India is all this and more! It is a rare place where regional influences are stronger than global, which makes India one of few countries that can successfully balance traditional and modern. The Indian lifestyle is truly unique. It’s the whole art de vivre which secret is in knowing how to combine foreign and local cultures into one. This is what makes India a real pearl for foreign visitors searching for a cultural revelation. As only in India you find people  watching Hollywood and Bollywood, wearing sari and jean shirts, listening to A.R. Rasman and Daft Punk. India does not propose a ‘culture in the box’, it is much more rich and affluent.  It is ready to be discovered everywhere, so special and unique is the Indian way of life. The globalization has washed away many things, but India makes a nice exception to this rule. Surrounded by a diversity of cultures, local people are always ready to share their own with foreigners. At the end, it is very symbolic that India is called a land of “Unity in Diversity” as there is no other phrase that displays better the spirit of this country.



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