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Elections portray Ministers as ‘Inauguration Machines’

As the days passes of ruling government in the states and as the election comes near day by day the Minister’s including MLA’s, CM’s of different state, and even MP’s of the different different states start the inauguration of different public schemes to attract voters. But opposition play a very big role in these inaugurations. They continue their protest prior a year. Basically they start manipulating with the minds of the people. Media management also play an important role in these acts of illusion making. They first tell you pro’s of the inauguration for the society but on the contrary, they just show opposition’s reaction over it and the controversial statements regarding the inauguration. The statements given by media and the opposition are so confusing that their victims think after they caste their votes. Voters feel looted and face the most regretting phase of their mistake when they see unwilling candidate as the “People’s Choice”.

-By Sahil Thakur

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