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Image Source : The Tribune

Power Cut in Doon Hospital deliveries conducted in Cell Phone Light

Tropical condition of power supply in Uttarakhand state is not a secret any more. The largest government hospital in the capital city which should be an example for the rest of the hospitals in the state, experienced a tragic situation on Thursday. We are talking about Doon Hospital, which underwent power cut last day at that point of time when preparations for delivery in Labour ward were going on. Therefore, deliveries had to be conducted under cell phone flash lights.
Wednesday, at late hours power supply suddenly went off. After that hospital administration powered on the supply using backup Generator. Acoording to hospital sources, on the very next morning generator was turned off saying it had been excessively used.
On Thursday, more than half a dozen operations were scheduled to be operated but due to the lack of power supply they were eventually postponed.
Normal deliveries had to be taken out using cell phones torch lights. But the hospital administration kept their silence regarding concernings of the caesarean deliveries that had to be carried out later that day.


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