Sunday , March 24 2019


Me being a stay at home anti adventure junky got the opportunity to attend a campsite carnival organized by a group of friends, now when you hear about camping you imagine yourself stranded in middle of the wilderness, with a lot less to survive, for some people it’s the ideal deal but for me it’s not, I like the adventure but some things about the wilderness scare me. So I was little held back on going but I had to because it was my friends and their event.



So we start of at 2 in the afternoon, riding through hills and mountains are never tiring. The moment I saw the mountains I lost my anxiety about everything, within 40 minutes of starting we reach camp song brook.

Located in the foothills of the lower western Himalayas on the banks of scenic song river in village Mahenderapur, with the altitude of 3,300 feet, spread over 20 acres of lush green land alongside Song River, camp song Brooke seemed like a total world apart within dehradun.

On being welcomed into the camp, we were allotted to our tents; the tents were well furnished, with bedding and with a little sit out with chairs. Next we were taken to lounge to relax and eat up; the lounge was a furnished shaded area, with a beautiful banyan tree growing in between.












We were provided with great assortments of snacks, after consuming our snacks tea and coffee. We were taken out for a tour of the camp, now I was hoping that one tour isn’t the whole 20 acres of the camp, because that would be tiring, along the walk I saw plenty of birds around, on asking the camp guide we got to know that You can discover more than 200 species of beautiful birds at the camp.


A small water fall inside the camp, an age-old amphitheater, a natural pool, scenic song river next to the camp, and musical sound of chirping & quavering birds created a magnificent ambiance, getting me more ecstatic for the evening to come.




The evening started of with a little introduction of everyone who was present there, through the event that campsite carnival organized there were a lot of different people from different places, and the main motive of the carnival was for people to come together meet new friends, relax and enjoy.  After the informal introduction of everyone the evening starting off with a little dancing and party, we had a DJ and karaoke,


after the hours of dancing singing open mics and music, we had dinner, the food was delicious with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines, after dinner each one of us were handed over a lantern to light and release into the, that would be my favorite moment of the evening, with the lanterns I felt my negativity leaving me too.

After lighting our lanterns, we went out to the bonfire place, a huge bonfire was lit to submerge the cold air the mountains were blowing at us, in the warmth of the fire and serenity of the jungle, people sang songs, and danced around, when some of us fell asleep and some waited for dawn. 


The morning started of with enthusiasm and excitement for me, it’s a totally different experience to open your eyes in the middle of nowhere , we were woken up by morning chai, and delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we were taken out for a little sports and adventure Expeditions, activities like rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, and flying fox – On the river.



Though all of these activities were physically exhausting I did have the time of my life, going bonkers doing things I wouldn’t have done before if my friends wouldn’t have persuaded me to come along this expedition, camp song Brooke was the perfect get away I was looking for without going too far and spending heaps of money, within the budget of 1500rs per head I think it’s more than someone should get into a experience. After a great lunch and interaction time and a little bit after noon dancing, our buses left us to our destinations.

I was dreading going back home, but I surely knew that camp song Brooke will be one place id love going back to over and over. The serenity and peace the place offers is unlike anywhere, and the event organized by camp side carnival was just a cherry to a place that is the cake. 




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