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Ghost town saver the mushroom girl Divya rawat shows her ugly side

Divya Rawat known as the mushroom girl, who once left her village in Uttarakhand and went to Delhi to pursue her studies, came back to her home land after the 2013 floods, on seeing the miserable state her people were living in without employment, with the villages turned into ghost towns, her love for her home land and her people gave her a gate way to generate employment for people by creating a business of growing mushrooms, she learnt how to cultivate the mushrooms and create a indoor habitat with the least of expensive aids. She grew her business, started a company named Saumya food limited and aided many people with employment and a dignified living. But where has all that gone today? Is the dream still alive? Is there still love for her people in her heart? Or the success has got her and her sister’s head in the clouds.

A Report from Parvatjan news has shown a totally different side of the mushroom girls, who have been appreciated and awarded nationally for their hard work dedication and love for their state and people. A board outside their house says “the dogs in the house are fine, but the people are crazy “it’s hard to decide on positive assumption on this quote.

All the hard work and name that Divya Rawat and her sisters had earned came to an end when a terrifying incident occurred in their neighborhood and them and their dogs being the reason.



The sisters have been reported to have a very bad reputation in the village they reside in, they are said to have a violent behavior towards the people. People have testified of them to physically assault anyone who says’s anything against them or their dogs, Also that they use foul language and curse. And do not consider the gender or age of the people listening to them but just violently misbehave and if someone tries to take an action against them they threat them with the contacts they have.

The mushroom girl and her sister recently beat up a innocent uneducated women, broke into her house, and broke her belonging just because she was saving her son who was going to school from their dog who was attacking him. After just telling the mushroom girls to keep their dogs tied they raged on with anger on the women threatened her with all sorts of threats, abused her verbally, and created a whole scene in the neighborhood. On being stopped by fellow neighbors, they misbehaved with them too.

In the past the sisters had been shown to be victimized and assaulted by other people, and a lot of it made headlines of the injustice caused to them. Every time an issue is created it is related to the really dangerous dogs they have. A lot of neighboring people have said that their dogs are very violent and attack everyone who comes near them or near the house. But the mushroom sisters do not consider anything a fight with anyone who says anything to them or the dogs.

This video contains footage of Divya Rawat fighting with the neighboring women and abusing them with personal and sexual comments, there are minors who are standing there and listing to her yell and scream curses to women. This one footage is enough proof to bring down the praises success and respect the mushroom girls have earned over the years. On having conversations with people of the village, Parvatjan brought out the real face of the mushroom sisters, it’s not just one incident but many more over the years, where the mushroom girls have assaulted people around them. People are demanding for the government to take back the rewards awarded to them. It is obvious that though their work gave them success and respect they have earned nothing when it comes to the love and respect of their people, this ugly side of the mushroom girls, who once were called the town savers and what not, has got people to a dilemma of whether they ever intended the welfare of their people or just did what they did for their own profit.

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