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A RUN FOR OUR WOMEN ( Dehradun women’s protection marathon )

Chief Minister Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat rewarded the winners of Half Marathon organized by the Police Department for the purpose of women security and road safety in Police Line Race Course on Sunday.

The CM said that from many states of the country students, IAS, IPS and women have made a commendable effort to participate in the race and to give message of women’s safety and road safety. He said that for all-round development of society, everyone will have to take personal responsibility for the protection of women. He also quoted that the all round development of society cannot be imagined without the participation of women.He said that in the 03 districts of Uttarakhand, child sex ratio is still low, which is a matter of concern. He said that in order to balance child sex ratio in these districts, the publicity of the message of public awareness and daughter Bachao is essential.The goal of fixing sex ratio of these 03 districts in 02 years has been fixed. He said that to stop the road accidents, there was a need to take effective measures for traffic management and traffic control. Due to accidents, the country’s GDP has a loss of 3 percent.He said that due to the strict adherence to the rules of road safety, road accidents would be severely curtailed. On this occasion, Chief Minister also rewarded the participants of Half Marathon and the first Marathon in the Mini Marathon for the first five places.

In the men’s section of 21 km half marathon, Raipur in Dehradun, Suresh Kumar of Dehradun got first, Shankaram Thapa of Hyderabad second and Anil Kumar of Ranikhet got third position. In the women’s half-marathon, Monika Chaudhary of Lucknow got first position, Shushila of Kenya got second place and Adesh Kumar of Rohtak, Haryana secured third place. Pankaj of Mussoorie in the men’s section of the 07 km Mini marathon first, Aman second and Pradeep got third position. In the women’s category, Neha Thapliyal of Kashipur got first position and Shobha Rana of Mussoorie got second place in the mini marathon. And the men’s section of 07 km Mini Marathon, under the age of 18, Ankush Sharma got first position, Gaurav Kumar scored second and Rahul Kumar got third position. While Neha Saini was the first in the women category, Shivani secured the 2nd place and sundhya secured the 3rd.

In the Half Marathon, those who received first, second and third positions in the men’s and women’s seats were given a lakh rupees, fifty thousand rupees and twenty five thousand rupees respectively. Whereas in the mini marathon, the first, second and third place holders of fifty thousand, twenty five thousand and fifteen thousand, whereas in the mini marathon below 18 years of age, those who secured first second and third place respectively were twenty five thousand, fifteen thousand and ten respectively.

Director General of Police, Shri Anil Ratudi said that women safety and road safety are important subjects to make human life better. In this half marathon about 20 thousand people from 26 states participated in the message of these two subjects. In the Half Marathon, 11 foreigners in addition to the Kothinga group of Mumbai also participated. He said that the main objective of Half Marathon is to adopt social consciousness and positive attitude for women’s safety and road safety.On this occasion, Mr. Manoj Rawat, MLA, Additional Director General of Police, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Former Garhwal Commissioner Mr. Cs Senior officers of Napalchiyal and Police Department were present.


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