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CM inspired the youth on the Jayanti of Subhash Chandra Bose

On Tuesday, Chief minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat addressed the youth at D.B.S. (P.G.) College, Dehradun in a function organised in the memory of Subhash Chandra Bose.
Initially he started his speech with the courageous story of independence of India. He also educated the youth about the soft faction (naram dal) and the hot faction (garam dal) and their collective efforts in the independence fight.
Subhash Chandra Bose was the most influential leader in the fight for independence of the country, he added.
Mr. Rawat also spoke about the army that Bose made outside of the country, named as Azad Hind Fauj, which was aimed to secure Indian Independence from British rule. He also praised the dance performed by the students on a patriotic song.
Mr. Rawat replied to the criticism and allegations put on him that nothing is happening in the state, he said that they should also know that corruption is also not.
“The poor, middle class and youth are mainly affected by corruption”, he added.
He shared with the youth that 60 lakhs of corruption has been already caught.
Strict actions are been taken against the law breakers as 14 culprits are already been sent to the jail.
He also openly spoke about the controversial topic of suicide attempted by a business man, and shared that he is still receiving the same threats of future incidents like that.
He logically expressed that he can provide support from his pocket but he cleared that he will not going to spend a single penny from the treasury of the government on these kind of threats.
He inspired the youth by saying that the image of state can be changed, and we will do it.
“This is our time to decide what we have to do and what not” Mr. Rawat motivated the youth by uttering these words, sharing few memories of his college time.
Chief minister said that now people are more interested in politics as people with good image and vision are coming into the politics.
He ended his speech with a quote to the youth that “Don’t seek the jobs, Create them”
We admire these thoughts of Honorable Chief minister and his vision for the development of the youth.


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